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For Investment Banking & Business Change Professionals
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Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for Investment Banking & Business Change Professionals

For the first time ever, we have opened our personal development gateway, of our training materials, methodologies, videos, and software finely crafted over the last decade. Created by our team of experts from both our development and consultancy divisions. Providing the investment banking and business change professionals, the real-world practical exercises, investment banking case studies, software, and training frameworks that successfully transformed thousands of careers.


Our material is based on actual work we've delivered on the trade floor as opposed to the classroom, and our methodologies are solely based on what has been tried and tested in the field. Our industry experts have used their insight to develop our training programmes as roadmaps to overturn the difficulties, the lack of knowledge and support they experienced early on in their careers. Knowledge is power, but understanding how to utilize your knowledge is the most powerful tool. Our training programmes support you in the right way, to help you reach your full potential and eliminate costly careers decisions.



Our CPD training, over the last decade has evolved, into an incredible subscription service at an unbelievably low cost. In addition to our CPMD subscription, we are offering our “Next Level” service that provides a fully personalized journey, tailored to further support your needs for continuous success. We are so excited having the opportunity and dedicated time to focus on our student's goals, that the results have surpassed all expectations with our students completing our training programmes and increasing their day rates by over 40% with their new roles. Others are enjoying the freedom of movement within an organization, transferring to senior positions in large-scaled projects. Each student we've fostered have strengthened their ability to communicate with all key stakeholders, and procured the capacity to create innovative solutions, effectively making our students stand out from the crowd.

We don’t think twice about having a personal trainer to achieve our fitness goals, why should it be different for our career aspirations?

A true one-stop shop for the IB and Business Change Professional


Miura Development will assist your career, identifying the niches, market opportunities, and providing you with the foresight to work on new hot topics. The Next Level subscription includes a bespoke career roadmap, ensuring we keep you to your plans by achieving your goals. 


Furthermore, we will help you develop the tools to market your profile better, teach you the techniques adopted by the recruitment process, and the ability to create proximity to industry leads that can open breathtaking career opportunities. We've all stumbled at some time in our careers or became too complacent with mediocre and average pay salaries. Why not maximize your earning potential, sustainability and creditability at every touchpoint of your career?


Our biggest objection is fear of the unknown, especially the critical decisions we have to make daily. So as we progress in our careers, we're constantly exposed and vulnerable to several events that will shape us, whether good, bad or indifferent. In worst-case scenarios, we can lose focus, develop bad habits with missed opportunities, succumbing to frustration and complacency. In best-case situations, our exposure forces us to identify how to work smarter, see the bigger picture, learn from our mistakes, and seize better opportunities – Pioneering Peak Performance & Productivity. The Roadmaps we create are lifelong maps for your careers, ensuring sustainability across the entire landscape of Investment Banking & Business Change.

We created the Next Level subscription due to the volume of our student successes, securing well-established roles inside and outside of Europe, improving their day rates, and becoming SMEs in their chosen fields. Our exposure to the industry through our Consultancy services allows us to distinguish all niche areas from traditional career roadmaps, including identifying the extensive demands for these specific skilled resources, thus creating better opportunities for our students.




Caolan Buckley

After graduation, I started working in the forever expanding Capital Markets industry. At first, I was overwhelmed, but luckily by pure chance I came across the fantastic team here at Miura. Since then, I have worked in Europe’s Largest clearing house and one of the world’s top investment banks, delivering change projects at the highest level.

My success to date and into the future will always have the Miura name on it. From day 1 the team have helped me develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. From FTB processes, financial regulation, and product knowledge, the extent of these courses is truly breathtaking.


Most importantly, Miura will help you develop as a person, helping you to define your career for years to come!

Management Consultant
Free Course
Miura Development 'Pricing & Principals' Mini Investment Banking Training Course

There is never a wrong time to invest in your own personal development. With that being said, why not maximize the opportunity of completing Miura Development's 'Pricing & Principals' mini training programme, free of charge?


Historically, we ran full versions of this programme, dating back to 2015. In 2021 during the Covid-19 lockdown, we reprised a mini version of the Pricing & Principals (PNP) course as a bonus week for some of our new Network Members that want to continue to stand out from the crowd.


If you're an enthusiast for Investment Banking, banking processes, formula hacks, methodologies, or business change activities within the finance world, feel free to leave your comments at the end of this free course.

Each of your comments are valued and will further assist our dedication to continually grow our material and architecture to ensure we offer the best value and career support possible. We will continue adding new materials creating new and redesigning existing training programmes and giving away free ones, as the industry evolves with new regulatory and technological advancements.  

CPMD & Next Level


Who is this subscription for?

We understand how difficult it is to get the right, consistent, cost-effective and most importantly time efficient deliverables for your Investment Banking career. Our subscription packages will offer both experienced professionals and new entrants to this industry, the opportunity to develop their careers with the help, support, and vision of an organization that is multi-faceted in the finance industry. Our training programmes have been tried and tested, so there's no challenge beyond our expertise!

Continuous Personal Miura Development (CPMD)


5 Professional training programmes under one subscription + Bonus Content


£3,950 without subscription

This subscription is broken down into four key areas: Framework, Process, Data & Toolkits

Next Level - Career Coaching & *Live Project Experience


A fully personalised journey with as much tailored support as you need.


A bespoke subscription service

This tariff is completely tailored to the individual. *Project Experience requires a minimum period of 3month subscription 

What are your benefits and outcomes?

For New Entrants: Making a full transition to the Investment Banking & Business Change world may seem complex at first and will consist of many steps you need to follow. The methodologies we teach derive from the methodologies we use on our Consultancy stream for our Clients and Client Projects. We know the industry, we know the landscape, and we have the know-how. Our end goal is your successes, even after making a full transition to the Investment Banking & Business Change environment.

For Experienced Professionals: Is it fair to say skills, experience & results are backwards looking attributes and not true predictors of future successes? Do you currently have the freedom to jump from contract to contract, securing the highest day rates? Would it also be fair to say knowledge, attitude, and sustainability are forward-looking attributes? Our Miura Network Members do!

For Dedicated Interns: If you are currently on an Internship programme with a reputable organization, you'll be aware, only strong performers receive offers, but what happens after that?. Our CPMD subscription will not only further aid your exposure to the investment banking landscape from a FTB perspective, but will also refine your interest's and your career goals for what your pivotal next step should be. Remember, there's more than one way of making a name for yourself.




Miura Front To Back (FTB Simulator)

For years, newcomers to the financial markets have struggled to get a clear understanding of the internal functioning of a large investment bank or trading house in a single package. With this in mind we have developed the Miura Front-to-Back simulators, and family of simulators that provide interactive training in every aspect of the financial markets, across the full range of banking products.


Fixed Income


Downloadable FI Simulator Software for practical exercises


Complete FI Walkthrough and FTB business units breakdown

Over The Counter (OTC)

Downloadable OTC Simulator Software for practical exercises


Complete OTC Walkthrough, FTB business units breakdown with FX, EQ & ETD Simulators

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Downloadable FX Simulator Software for practical exercises


Available only when purchased with the OTC Simulator



Downloadable EQ Simulator Software for practical exercises


Available only when purchased with the OTC Simulator

Exchange Traded 

Derivatives (ETD)

Downloadable ETD Simulator Software for practical exercises


Available only when purchased with the OTC Simulator

*Technincal support available for MAC users when using these simulators


Continuous Personal Development for Investment Banking & Business Change Professionals

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