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Trading Systems

In an age where many software developers believe that systems must be ever-larger and ever more loaded down with expensive and unnecessary features, Miura takes the opposite path. Our intention is to simplify, not to complicate. Our trading systems use low-weight technology to ensure simple, effective trade processing, and apply data-interchange-minimisation algorithms to guarantee speed and efficiency. Even at times of high system usage, there are no unexpected delays as trade and position information flows from one user to another. For correctly configured systems, we guarantee that trading information will propagate through trading organizations in fractions of a second. Our systems are stripped-down for simplicity and speed, and are ideal for organizations seeking to combine efficiency with cost-effectiveness.


Regulatory Reporting

With the ever-increasing workloads in regulatory reporting, banks and asset managers need robust and reliable systems. Miura is a specialist in systems that help firms meet their reporting requirements as efficiently as possible. Relying on the latest data integration technologies, our systems deliver data to the regulators at high speed and with zero data losses. Our substantial experience in the regulatory arena ensures that our systems are fully compliant with all the latest requirements, and our emphasis on practical solutions guarantees that users are always fully in control of every aspect of the regulatory reporting process. There are no better systems of their kind on the market.

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F2B Simulator

MiFID II Portal


Below we mention a few of our leading products, which are available to banks, fund managers and hedge funds. We are pleased to report that our installed user-base is continuing to grow, as our customers focus ever more closely on complying with financial market regulation and on trading systems that prioritize high value within a robust business structure. If you would like to know more about any of our products, please contact us.

Trading Systems


Miura Commodities Trading System

For many smaller firms, the costs, and charges, of larger-scale commodities trading systems are too much to bear. With this in mind, Miura is pleased to present its Commodities Trading System. Deliberately light-weight, the System uses a web-based interface to give users the full functionality of a commodities cash and futures trading system at a fraction of the cost of a larger-scale system.

Miura Front To Back (F2B Simulator)

For years, newcomers to the financial markets have struggled to get a clear understanding of the internal functioning of a large investment bank or trading house in a single package. With this in mind we have developed the Miura Front-to-Back simulators, and family of simulators that provide interactive training in every aspect of the financial markets, across the full range of banking products. 

Regulatory Reporting

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Miura's MiFID II Portal

Built using the latest cloud-based infrastructure, Miura’s Regulatory Portal provides a one-stop dashboard for monitoring a firm’s compliance with MiFID II. The Portal gives compliance officers and senior management at financial firms a central location from which to assess each step of the regulatory compliance process. 


ARAN is our flagship product for Alternative Investment Fund Managers. Covering every aspect of AIFMD reporting, ARAN takes the toil out of this tedious regulatory process. The system uses a clear and natural interface to provide users with full support for AIFMD reporting, from the initial gathering of information through to the final submission of regulatory reporting. 

Mystique Transaction Reporting Platform

Miura’s Mystique Transaction Reporting Platform addresses this challenge by providing a simple and intuitive user-interface for reporting under both MiFID and EMIR. Our formal data mapping model simplifies even the most complex transaction reporting, and Mystique’s users benefit from the efficiencies of scale that our in-house database management team provide.

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F2B Sim
MiFID II Portal
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