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OTC - (Over The Counter) Simulator

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Our OTC (Over The Counter) Trade Simulator software provides a holistic view of the key business processes for each major product of an investment bank. We encourage you to memorise the business processes and how each product progresses from the front office to the back office. Once you start the CPMD Subscription, it is vital for you to update the product matrix tool for the CPMD Process training programme, so you can maintain and internalise the specialised knowledge. As you progress, this will create an output from the Product Matrix Tool for FI, OTC, EQ, FX and ETD Trade Simulators which will serve you throughout your career. To further assist your learning, the OTC Trade Simulator has a step-by-step navigation video for you to use. Please download the OTC Trade Simulator and proceed with the video walkthrough exercises. In addition, you can now download the EQ, FX and ETD Trade Simulators.





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