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CPMD (Framework 1) - Trading & Run The Bank


Welcome to the CPMD Framework training programme. We believe consistency is the key to success, our CPMD Framework training programme provides a set of core principles that we continue to build on through your journey. We have devised our training programme to make it is easy for you to progress onto more complex topics as we keep consistent to the Framework. Our aim is to embed a solid Framework for the learner to continually grow step by step. Here we introduce the key concepts of the three P's - (Financial Players, Products, and Business Processes). The CPMD Framework training programme introduces you to the world of investment banking, securities trading (product), and the relationship between trades and positions. We cover the business (processes) extensively, distinguishing trading and run the bank activities, providing the learner, a continual point of reference and the ability to fully understand the complete banking environment. Knowing the products and processes will not only make you stand out to future or current employers but are the essential ingredients for innovative solutions. By completing this programme you will learn: - The Concept Of Banking - Bonds & Other Financial Assets - Trades & Positions - Trading Vs Run The Bank - System Architecture Areas of Focus: Trading Processes Risk Processes Control Processes Accounting & Fund Management Processes Bank Management Processes



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