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CPMD (Process 2) - Processes, System & Bus. Change


To get the best value out of this training programme, you should have completed the CPMD Framework & the FI Simulator programme. Before fully completing the CPMD Process training programme, it would be conducive to your learning by also completing the OTC, FX, EQ & ETD Simulators, before you progress on to the CPMD Data training programme. There are four modules to our CPMD Process training programme. We will focus on the business units and examining the major instruments traded within investment banks, with the aim of identifying the differences (“deltas”) between business processes for different financial products. Keeping to this same business landscape, the CPMD Process training programme will help you to understand how the big technology players in the industry have streamlined business processes using innovative technical solutions. In addition, you will learn how to address a large-scale investment bank project and understand the implementation of an integrated front to back system rollout. By completing this programme you will learn: - Workflow Streamline Processes - Static Data Configuration - Product Matrix Building - Interfaces & Data Mapping - Project Scope & System Integrations Areas of Focus: Trading Systems Asset Classes & Business Processes E2E Project Life-Cycle & System Implementations Product Hierarchy & Interfaces Delta Matrix - FI, OTC, FX, EQ, ETD



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