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CPMD (Data 3) - Financial, Niches & Regulations


To get the best value out of this training programme, you should have completed both CPMD Framework & CPMD Process as well as completed the FI, OTC, FX, EQ & ETD Simulators. Our CPMD Data training programme focuses on Data, which is the crux of the financial world. Investment banks, institutions, fintech’s, software vendors, data suppliers and financial regulators are fully aligned to the notion. Our CPMD Data training programme breaks down the necessary Data, upcoming changes, impacts on business processes, technology requirements and regulatory controls. By completing this programme you will learn: - Challenges to simplify Data - Philosophies & Principles of Regulations - Regulatory Impacts on Products & Processes - Risks & Business Continuity - Benchmark Reform & Niches in Investment Banking Areas of Focus: Regulations Regulatory Reporting Cryptocurrencies & Initial Coin Offerings LIBOR Migration Banking Reform



2 Plans Available, From £60.00/month


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